Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Duration: 5 nights
Places visited: Palace in the Sky, Picnic Grove. Random Restaurants.
Hotel: 5R hotel

* Every after lunch we spend time at Starbucks. I get a treat everyday which is Strawberry Frap my favorite.

Restaurants visited:

Mahran ( Arab resto )
Pancake house
Gerry's grill
Carlos Pizza.

For dinner we barbecue at the side of the pool every night.

I had a blast and everything is for free. Talk about being lucky.
As a souvenir I purchased a scarf for 200 php. For me scarf is the best accessory and I collect scarfs.

Thanks to my super rich Tito and Tita. You guys are the best!


  1. wow,, inggit namana..

    ako i haven't been to tagaytay, i mean for pleasure.. hehehe

  2. wow! ang saya naman! pero mukhang mainit ah. kamusta ang skin? hehe

  3. Nalungkot ako sa picture nung building ng SM. :( Eyesore.

    Pero I'm glad you took a breather. :)

  4. @ cei: Masaya sa Tagaytay. Maganda climate lalo na sa gabi! : ) Thanks : )

  5. @ nimmy: uu Mainit pagtanghali pero pag gabi ang sarap ng climate!

    @ mugen: Sm bayun? Akala ko ginagawang condo hehe. Yup ang saya sa Tagaytay!! I had a blast!