Saturday, May 22, 2010

paranormal activity

Roy:Let's play a love game!
Roy:I miss my Teddy.
Roy: Sino ka?
*Mummified moments.
Roy: Pa-kiss naman! Can I lick your balls?
Roy: I want more you fuckers!
*May this Iguana finally rest in peace.

Friday, May 7, 2010

hit me baby one more time

Oh Baby Baby how was I Supposed to know that somthin' wasn't right here! My shift mates
Screamed my name at the top of their lungs.I stood there in the center giving my 101%, My voice were kinda cracking, thank goodness for Eco and the loud Videoke machine to cover my voice's imperfection. I owned the dance floor like a politician doing rounds one angle at a time to have connection with audience.
I know that I surprised them. They never thought that I have that confidence.
"Pero dinala ko sa stage presence upang ma-distract sila sa imperfection ng boses ko". It worked. You just need a bit of charm No matter what you look like and your all set.I was the last contestant. Some candidates were really good, one did an acoustic of "My Immortal" with guitars. One was a choir member who had been in several countries for choir competition. Mugen was there to witness everything.
Before the competition started, us contestants were all panicking because our
song piece were not in the songbook.We didn't expect that we would be using Magic Sing. We assumed that it would be a regular Videoke Machine. Majority of us
were asking each other who had any minus one tape/cd with them. None have.
Most of us didn't have a choice. I was so disappointed.After practicing "I believe I can fly" for a week. What a waste of time. At that moment, I realized that I'm taking the competition too seriously. I just might as well enjoy the moment. Since I already had two glasses of beer, its enough to give me a good start. "Bigla nalang akong tino-pak at napili kong kantahin ang song ni Britney Spears na "Baby one more time". I totally, proudly say that I rocked, Thank goodness someone took a video of that moment. "Those were the only moment in my life that I felt like a star". I am pretty much aware that it would never happen again. I never imagined that I in any way win, The amazing part is, I didn't even practice "Baby one more time" and it was "I believe I can fly" which I practiced for a week. Well I guess thanks for my tenor voice, I can hit such notes. Imagine Baby one more time, Boyzone version, Plus some mumbled words haha! That's how it sounded like. For the sake of being funny, I even changed some of the words, making Hit me baby one more time into Hit me baby several times!They taught it was really funny and there were some laughter recorded in the video.Thanks to my shift-mates for supporting and cheering.

However shallow it may sound. I felt like an American Idol that night.Never did
it crossed my mind that i would ever win. My main concern before the competition
was just simply to sing in tune.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My father and I, we argue a lot. But I love him and He cares for me, I can feel and see that, Our argument usually about his indulgence in alcohol. I remember vividly that I once called him "Alcoholic" in front of his drinking buddies during one of his drinking session. I have very sharp tongue when provoked and irritated. I can be extremely provoking at my worst. At that particular moment I grew tired of him, When hes in his drunk mode he goes crazy and curse/shouts at anyone he lays eyes on, often causing scandal in our neighborhood. My father is notorious in our community and I hate him for that. Whats really odd is he can't do that to us, his children, because hes aware that we would fight back. Well I proudly inherited this "War freak personality". I can proudly say that I am slowly evolving into a peaceful person. Day by day I'm learning to grow numb to such eye sore activities of his. No matter what conflict I have with my father, I can feel that he loves us and deeply care for us, After all we are his own flesh and blood. He often brag about us during his drunken moments with his buddies. He often brag that all of us were achievers, intelligent and hardworking, that's enough for me to forget and forgive his shortcomings. Misunderstanding within family members is normal, we just have to learn accept imperfection, whats important is we see love underneath the thick layer of conflict.

In my yearbook in college, I have dedicated my hard earned diploma to him. Although he never got the chance see my yearbook. I quoted: "Para sayo to Pa"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The last time I checked my savings It almost brought tears to my eyes. A couple of hundreds left. What do I do about it? Questions such as, where did my hard earned money all these year go? You work hard, you do well & you play; In the end you get nothing for yourself. But, however my parents adore me, I am the eldest and they treat me as if I'm the youngest. My only prize for being a good noodle. Helping them makes me happy. The saddest part is all my prized possessions/All the stuff that I've ever invested in were en gulped by Terrible Ondoy. Sometimes when I stroll around, window shop, I find myself staring at things. I usually find myself thinking trice and going back and fort glimpsing. only to not avail of it in the end. " There's a lot of things to take care of (Bills). I hate the thought of having debt whether its mine or my parents.
I'm someday hoping that God will answer my prayers. I want to work abroad for me to build a house for me and my parents. Ideally somewhere in our province. Life is peaceful there. Things are illusive at this point but I am still hopeful. I want to have a shot to work abroad as a price for not having any successful relationship all of my life, I am not desperate I can wait forever until that rightful person comes, hopefully.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

return to innocence

I have decided to reset my life. I've been dwelling on negativity for almost my entire life.
I want to cure/heal my self. I don't ever want to dwell on the pain of the past again, I want to remove all the negative energy that consumed me all these years. I have realized that its time to move on. I want be happy on what I have rather than what I can have. There's really no need to rush. Whats important is the present and the simple things that I should be thankful for. Looking around me, I realized that I have everything that I ever needed. Good friends, A large family, My dogs and of course, God Almighty.