Saturday, November 10, 2012


This happened at the height of my sexual exploration.

I was in Malate with some friends. We were strolling and suddenly a foreigner approached one of my friends and introduce himself. He has knockout body and he reminds me of Some celebrity but Hotter and without the hair. I wasnt aware the he wanted to have sex with me since there wasnt any sign earlier. As I was about to leave he approached me. Yes I was surprised since he had a good hold of my birdie. To make the long story short we decided to do it. Until we ended up at one of Recto's motel's I did cherish that moment. I have longed fantasized having sex with a white man. Hes not that old just about his early 30's but boy does he have a great body. and his disco stick was just as i expect it to be. I wont go on details anymore, I swear it was amazin sex. After that I never saw him again. He just vanished in thin air.

I would never regret that night, a fantasy has come to life.

This happened at the height of my sexual exploration a few months after my first encounter with that American. It was my first time to experience threesome. A suitor who pursued me and would do anything to do have sex with me. He had many experience with foreign men. So I gave him a condition that I would do it with him but with a white man. And so it did happen. Arie was the name of the foreign man. Hes Dutch and stands 6"5,Hot, hunky, blonde with dark blue eyes.He was like a God and I was breathless upon first sight. He took my heart in an instant. He works at an advertising company based here in Manila His place was incredible the ones I usually see in magazines. While watching something on his humongous flat screen in his living room, I cant avoid to notice how he discriminate Asians giving nasty comments, Of course being the usual me, I have commented negatively on his race. After drinking a bottle of beer. We did it, together with my suitor Right in his living room then later transferred to his bedroom. ( His condo is located in Malate. ) Lucky me! his size was monstrous but no matter how temting it is I avoided anal intercourse. After sex and we were dressing up. Dutch man showed me his cellphone.Clearly he wanted me to put my number in it.I didnt gave my number and returned his phone, it was mutual, I dont like his attitude and discriminating words againts asians. As we were about to leave he gave 500 bucks to my friend and asked us to take a cab home. I didn't even say thank you as if hes nonexisting. I didn't even have a last look at him. Yes he was a good looking, but how dare him discriminate Asians.

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