Thursday, June 20, 2013

i just wanna see you be brave

[doctor]: It seems that everything is okay, but I still need you to take a sputum test for your clearance.

* In my mind: Fuck you ka! You said six months ago that If I am able to produce an old X-ray everything will be good na.

I just went blank and pale at that point. Producing Sputum for me is as impossible as producing a Golden egg.

[doctor]: Alright, just finish your sputum test then come back to me. Go at the counter and tell them that your not cleared.

In my mind: Fuck you and Fuck your money making clinic. I don't really care kung ma ban ako sa Convergys dahil sa kanila.

Nag walk out ako diretso sa pinto. Hindi ako nagbyad ng 540 pesos para sa 3 minutes na basurang consultation.

I am never gonna come back to that clinic.
Andoon pa naman yung classmate ko nung highschool. Staff nurse pa naman siya.

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