Wednesday, January 8, 2014

wang wang

It's been four days since nagstart na namam akong torturin ng Vertigo. Until now hindi parin ako makapag-function properly, sa ayaw ko o sa hindi ay cripple ako. This is how I start my year. This is the worst attack ng Vertigo ko to date. I have a friend who is taking up Medicine and adviced me to go to a neurologist asap it might be something serious. Sa isip ko lang ay gastos lang yun and besides the medicine i'm taking for Vertigo is sobrang expensive na. Another friend told me that it might be Aneurysm ( which is fatal )- dead in an instant. Pag hindi ko na talaga nakayanan tsaka na ako susugod sa doktor.  I have done my research and Vertigo could last for several days.

Pagod nako maging paranoid.

If you're gonna go, your gonna go. 


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