Saturday, July 7, 2012


Nestor is currently working at some call center in Mandauluyong
He experienced this a couple of weeks ago.
He had past experiences with the unknown, but he often conclude that its just imagination or trick of the mind. 
It all started when he took his last Yosi break, After finishing 2
Cancer sticks He was off to ride the elevator, There where no office
at the gound floor aside from what seems to be a storage room.
It was about 9:30 a.m and theres hardly any light that penetrates the floor.
He entered the elevator and pushed the 5th floor button. Then the door opened
He was still in the ground floor. The door keeps on opening when it supposed to go shut and go up. " Shit the elevator is acting up again ". Then he hit the 5th floor button again.
Then again and again until the fourth time was finally successful.
he didnt mind that incident since he just assumed that the elevator was malfunctioning.

He slept late that night, he took 3 cups of coffee that day.
It was then that he had this wierd dream.
he dreamt of the same scene in the elevator.
but wearing a white shirt this time. ( He rarely wears white and black is his favorite )
He pushed 5th floor and and like what happened earlier
it didnt worked until the 4rth or 5th time and when it finally did the door finally opened
He saw a young girl about 6 years old or so, wearing a pink shirt and she smiled at him.
And then she spoke to him in a demonic voice.

"Whats wrong with you!"
He then froze in fear and the dream ended.


  1. Tumaas mga buhok ko sa batok sis! Kashokot!

  2. katakot! i had a similar experience sa elevator na di tumitigil.

  3. OMG bff. :'(feeling ko kaya hindi umaakyat yung elevator dahil dun sa bata.ayaw siyang paakyatin

  4. @ nimmy: Haha : )

    @ green breaker: buti nalang ako wala pa hehe : ) Thanks for droping by!

    @ itsyouperiod: Hi sis! Hehe siguro nga : ) Kelan tayo inum ulet??