Thursday, November 27, 2014

forever blue

I used to love the color green, Green used to be my #1 favorite color. Lahat ng shades ng green gusto ko. There is a meaning sa Psychology pag favorite mo ang green, yes it's true it trully reflects my personality.

Time passed and I feel a strong growth, I felt na nagmature na ako lalo. Although I still love the shade of green but now I have a strong liking sa color blue. Specially Royal blue. Siyempre sa Psychology ay iba na ang ibig sabihin ng blue. This is a good sign for me that I am truly a change person in some ways.

Green is a cool relaxed color as well as blue. With blue being my new #1 color ay mas kalmado, stronger, more compassionate and understanding.

Here are my 5 most favorite shades:

#1- Blue
#2- Green
#3- Pink
#4- Black
#5- Red

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