Sunday, November 6, 2011


I've always loved Tori Amos, heres a set of songs that I have compiled. The reason why I love her is simply because her songs move me. Her songs are like paintings turned into music. Try listening to these songs.

[01] a sorta fairy tale
[02] black dove ( January )
[03] crucify
[04] cruel
[05] down by the sea
[06] iieee
[07] lust
[08] rattlesnakes
[09] silent all these years
[10] sleep with butterflies
[11] smells like teen spirit
[12] suede
[13] sweet the sting
[14] new age
[15] 1,000 oceans


  1. Sama mo ito sis:

    Taxi Ride
    You Belong To Me
    Hey Jupiter (Dakota Version)
    Playboy Mommy
    Cornflake Girl
    Bouncing Off The Clouds

  2. hmmm is it just me but tori loooks like victoria in twilight hehehe, now ko lnag napansin

  3. @ mugen: Hindi ko pa naririnig yang mga songs nyang yan, thanks sis, cge download ko agad yan, thanks thatnks : )

  4. @ conio: Haha oo nga siya rin nga yung naalala ko nung nakita ko si Victoria sa Twilight! Thanks : )