Wednesday, June 13, 2012

straight as a ruler

Everytime na aaminin ko sa isang bagong kilala  na I'm Gay ay hindi sila convince. Paminsan ay sinusundan pa ito ng malakas na tawa o ng isang matinding Weh! Lagi na pag may nakikilala akong PLU ay unang tanong sa akin kung straight ba daw ako. I easily confuse anyone. Girls are attracted to me because of my sense humor and cutiepie looks. Bad, radical guys are drawn to me because they think that I am one them. Especially ngayon na tinalikuran ko na ang pagiging fashionista. Being a Fashionista for me is a dead give away. Effortless getto na ang fashion statement ko ngayon.

In public. I act, I think I project like any average guy.Sometimes higit pa sa isang tunay na lalaki. I never show that I am vain.  I may love fashion and Regine Velasquez. But I also know a lot of guy stuff, life guy music, games like Dota, Diablo, Warcraft. Magic Cards ( Mana the gathering ) Etsetera.

Guys are very confortable with me. Because I never cross the line and I never will, Thats my number one rule. I am lovable because of my sense of humor. I know how to respect and get along with almost anyone regardless of who they are.

It really feels good that people look you as a normal person. I am not plastic or pretending. It just comes naturally. I love to be safe. Pero pag-usapang basketball na I automatically shut down. I nosebleed. What the hell are they talking about?

I don't intend to confuse anyone. But this is me. Boy on the outside, little bitchy princess in the insides.
Everyday, I am discovering, knowing, learning more about who I really am. Someday I'll have a full understanding of myself.

I am the opposite of effeminate.They have no idea that I have boxes of Barbie dolls in my closet.
It's really great that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Haha. Parang Hannah Montana lang.


  1. Hahaha. Ikaw na. Gawin mo naman akong apprentice! LOL

  2. DN: haha oo ba, sige balitaan kita pag may raket : )

  3. sige, ikaw na ang may other side lagi.. hehehe...
    pero hindi naman yan ang other side mo siguro but the real you..