Wednesday, December 26, 2012

planet okray featuring hyuna

user: coffee? tea? or me?
me: Of course not you.

me: Why thats easy! HATE U!!!!

user: MOCKERY is a CHEAP manifestation of INSECURITY which is a REPERCUSSION of having LOW SELF-ESTEEM caused by a PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM...
me: Your one ugly fuck thats why people always mock you. Get use to it.

user: PLEASE READ MY PROFILE BEFORE SENDING A MESSAGE! its a plus for you to know me.. NO for younger and slim guys Thank you for viewing
me: Dont worry walang magkakainteres sayo na young and slim na guy. Thats a promise

user: Up for fun or trip just message me with ur pics and contact number....
me: Ang panget mong tripper. Tripper ka nga mukha ka namang paa.

user: "We can only step into the same river once. In the flow of opportunity lost is lost forever"
me: Hang lalim, nalunod ako.

user: i need hunk and caring peson hehehe
me: Asa kanalang tey. Chaka mo sobra.

user: something knew here
me: "Knew?" Wtf


  1. adik mode nga lang. haha.

    napadaan lang po..

  2. @ jm: Thanks for dropping by : )
    @ hustin: LOL! Bakit naman ouch? hehe : )