Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I like toys, I'm already 31 years old and yet I still collect toys. If you are wondering what kind of toys, well i'm into action figures, my toys are my imaginary friends, if you are wondering if I love the Toy story movie, yes, it's one of my favorite, I also love animated movies of all sorts. Toys make me feel young again, it takes me back in time, back when I was young and there's very little to worry about, when all you do is sleep, play, eat junkfood and watch cartoons. I don't just collect them, I play with them Because for me that's the essence of having toys. When I was young my favorite toy was Cheetara of  Thundercats, I spent loads of time with her and I took her wherever I go. One dreaded day I broke Cheetara's head off, my mom tried to fix her by using Epoxy, Cheetara looked horrible after that then I stopped with playing her, Then I didn't know what happened to her after that.

I miss my favorite toy.


  1. It's what makes you creative. :)

    Hope you're doing well, sis.

  2. i also like action DC characters

  3. I also love to collect action figures from superheroes, to anime, to video game characters, ayaw kasi ako ibili ng mom ko mahal kasi hahahaha

  4. @ mugen: Hi sis! Whatever happen to your blog? Naka hide ba?

    @ ram: Wow I love DC and Marvel. I have several.

    @ Lone: Wow astig! Ako pag may extra money I buy! Lalo na kung bargain!