Thursday, January 26, 2017

my miss universe '17 favorites

I love this green gown for her! Sobrang bagay! I really don't like the idea of green in a pageant gown, pero ang ganda ng pagkakadala nya! She can carry any color! I Love it but I guess hindi to ang gown na susuutin nya sa pageant night.

Here are my favorites!

#1 Philippines: Of course siya ang manok ko, sino paba? She's the overall package. Maganda tindig nya, maganda lakad nya at maganda aura nya! I am praying na ma-ace nya yung Q&A portion and it's a sure back to back win.

#2 Venezuela: Insanely perfect body and I love her aura, surely siya ang pinakamabigat na makakalaban ni Miss Philippines.

#3 Malaysia: I love her aura and she's really pretty!

#4 Indonesia: I love her aura and beauty! It's time na masungkit na ng Indonesia and korona! Pero, she should work on her walk!

#5 Mexico: I love her, She reminds me of Shamcey Sup-Sup!

#6 Sierra Leone: Although her chances of making it to the first cut is very slim, I like her attitude and personality, They should give her a special award! She's really enjoying herself here in the Philippines.

#7 Thailand: She's really stunning pero diko masyadong gusto ang aura nya, parang ang lungkot, She should smile more!

#8 Australia: Maganda aura nya and she's really cute!

#9 Kosovo: Ang ganda nya!!!!

#10 Spain: Dyosa!!!!

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