Friday, January 2, 2015

waking up with one eye

I woke up with one eye. Finally it's done. The removal of my Cancer infested right eye ( Ocular Melanoma ) It's been almost a month since I was diagnosed. There are times that I thought I'm going crazy but eventually I got stronger and accepted the fact that the removal of my right eye is for my own good. I am already prepared.

During the process of accepting my situation ay nag-practice nako maglakad at mag-function nang isang mata lang ang gamit. Of course I have to cover my right eye during practice, It's almost blind anyway. It is depressing to think that you will wake up everyday with only one eye. It still is. But eventually I know that masasanay at matatangap ko rin ng lubusan. One eye is of course a blessing kesa totally mabulag ng lubusan.

A friend told me over the phone the night before the operation. " Ang tapang mo naman natangap mo na at ready kana sa kung ano paman ang mangyayari. "

Well it does not end here. In matter of days ay doon ko palang malalaman if I would need Chemotherapy o further operation to remove the remaining Cancer if there is. All I can do as of this moment is pray.

Upon replacing my eye bandage I requested to see what my eye looked like. My Aunt took a picture.

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