Saturday, August 18, 2012

my favorite poem

I sit here all alone with the wind blowing through my hair,
here I'am enclosed in a shell of my own and no longer does anyone care.
I feel water has moved away from the bay, and my sand castle has been blown away.
I'am fully aware of the fact that I have done mistakes,
and I know that in life there areno retakes.
the clouds of darkness are shielding me,
will an angel ever come and set me free.
I walk in the rain so that no one can see my painwill there ever be an angel who will see to it that I no longer dwellihn the memory lane.
the mist doesn't seem to be clearing,
and the sadness doesn't seem to be decreasing,
the people who broke my heart I will no longer be needing,
and of late loneliness is all that I have been feeling.
but I have faith that the sun will shine through the darkness,
and again I will see happiness.
Though in yhe past people have been fake,
let's see what life offers in its next take.


  1. antero's : Im totally ok sis' thanks : )

  2. nice! i like the ending, may subtle meaning sya. pramis!

  3. advent: hehe, actually the poem has no title. thanks. I really really love this poem : )

    sakpin: thank u 4 droping by! yup, it does : )