Monday, August 13, 2012

intergalactic jed fanatic

Its really him!
Oh my! Is that really you? I'm one of your biggest fan.
I would like to ask just one question.
I can't find your first album ( I'll be around )
I've searched everywhere. I would like to know where I could find one.
Or if it still available.
Good day and more power!

JED MADELA: Thanks! I'll Be Around is really difficult to find right now... even Universal Records don't have copies anymore. I already had my own copy framed para wala nang kumuha hehe... will update it here in multiply if ever copies come up. Honesty, I love all the songs there... Thanks for the support.

I can't believe that its really him. Its really him!

Yesterday Dec 21, 2007.
I accompanied my friend R** on his
Christmas shopping, together with our friend Z****. I'm on the hunt in finding this rare Cd,
Jeds Madella's Rare first album ( I'll be around- The album's name). I have all of his 3 albums including his Christmas!
I mean man, hes the greatest singer ever
I can't sing but I want to be just like him but I know it would never happen, not in this lifetime hehe. Hes the World champion for the performing arts, something like that.

Well heres the real story.
I've searched every record bar imaginable. I mean everywhere and Greenhills where the last place I haven't checked out.
I even asked for my friends help, if ever they have seen one buy it, then I''ll pay.
I've lost hope in ever finding that album.

We where headed to the other building
When all of a sudden he came out from nowhere, I passed him it was really quick and it took me a second to recognize him,
I didn't even had the chance to take a good look at him.
Hes wearing a green body fit shirt and a brown cap.
Yes it was really him. I said Oh my God Its Jed Madela!
Z**** said Uyyy ( teasing me ). While R** said " Sino yun?" He doesn't know who Jed Madela is.
I wanted to chase him and ask for a picture.
Unfortunately i'm using this low tech phone.
How malas naman talaga! But if ever I did have a better phone or a digicam,
I'll definitely chase and asked him for a picture no matter what the odds are.
Man it's one of those times when you can't believe what just happened.
Well i guess is destined to be.
I'm planning to watch a concert of Jed, I'm one of his biggest fan.
I mean what can I say for me hes the greatest and he looks better in person!

Last Feb 17. 2008

Maaga akong nagpunta ng Megamall, Upang makita ng personal ang aking idolo. 3 oras ako naghintay. Bitbit ang lahat ng album niya.

Inubos ko ang tatlong oras sa paglilibot. Bumili ng libro at kumain.

Upang makapasok ako sa bakal na harang ay kailangan kong bumili ng repackage album niya,
Na meron na ako. Sa kasamaang palad ay hindi na ako makakapag pa-autograph.

Bago mag simula ang show niya ay inisip ko kung paano ko siya makukunan ng picture,
Nahihiya ako.

Pero ng nagsimula ang show at nag hiyawan na ang mga tao ay, hindi ko na napigilan
ang sarili ko at kinunan ko siya ng kununan ng piktyur.

Hindi ko inaasahang makukunan ko siya ng video ng sobrang malapitan.
Matatapos na ang show niya ng biglang lumapit siya sa kinatatayuan ko.

Si Idol:

Finally seeing perform. I was completely blown away! More than words could say.
You Rock Jed!!

[ video lost ]


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